You deserve the best information possible before making a choice of firms for mortgage lending in Annapolis, MD. This group is focused on your satisfaction, and that means providing our clients with the right tools and resources. Instead of guessing your way through such an important financial decision for your family, learn as much as you can about the lending products we offer and the communities we serve.

It is important to ask as many questions as possible before making a decision on a mortgage or a refinancing opportunity. If you are a senior in need of additional income, you cannot take a chance when it comes to your home. Proceed with as much information as possible, and work directly with a firm that values your input.

Rebuild your credit and establish a foundation for your family that is capable of weathering any storm. Rest easy knowing that you did everything you could to protect the investment you have made in your home. You can now take advantage of lower rates and pay off many of your remaining debts with the equity contained in your home. Lower your payments the smart way with the help of our mortgage refinancing specialists.

Understanding the FHA 203k loan

Practices that destroy your credit

Understanding your Credit Score

Explaining the pros and cons of the 5 Major types of Mortgages

What makes up that score/Practices to do and avoid

Understanding the Mortgage Underwriting Process

Learn how to think like an Underwriter!
This will help you plan before you apply!

Get the Facts

The preliminary research you are engaged in should include facts about the neighborhoods you are considering. You are buying more than just a place to live when you sign your name on a mortgage. Your family will become a part of the fabric of the community you choose, so it helps to know the neighborhood like a local. Get a multitude of statistics and facts about the neighborhood you are considering by visiting

Reverse Mortgage Answers

Maintain your independence in your own home and establish a new source of income in your golden years with a reverse mortgage. Once your existing mortgage has been paid, and you reach a certain age, a reverse mortgage may be the right way to go. There are 21 commonly asked questions addressed by the Mortgage Professor that we have included with the link below.

How Do Home Equity Conversion Mortgages Work?

We have reverse mortgage specialists ready to make a difference in our office, and we serve many of the states in the Mid-Atlantic. Instead of taking a leap of faith based on a television commercial or word of mouth, get the facts you need to make a reasoned decision.

Contact us today to secure the mortgages you need for a new home purchase. We proudly serve clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, including Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Washington, DC, as well as Florida and Illinois.

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